2011 Hyundai Sonata is Strategic Vision’s “Total Value Index” Award

As a company you know you’re doing something right when the people who analyze your industry decide to create an entirely new award in your honor.  That’s the unique situation Hyundai’s found itself in with its 2011 Sonata. 

The folks from Strategic Vision, a company that studies consumer behavior, were so overwhelmed by the positive feedback from Sonata owners that they literally did a double-take, reviewing the findings several times.  The research showed Sonata owners were in love with the car’s look, warranty, fuel economy, standard features, and technology, what Strategic Vision calls  “Total Value”. 

Sonata ranked higher than any other vehicle the survey’s ever covered.  Thus, the birth of the”Strategic Vision Total Value Index Award.”  Which is just a fancy way of saying Hyundai = Happiness.  But you already knew that.