Hyundai Soars to 6th Out of 501 in “Customer Loyalty”

Not every brand has them but every brand wants them; Customers who wouldn’t consider buying anything else.  Hyundai knows the struggle to earn customer loyalty better than anyone.  The company also knows how to emerge from that struggle victorious.  

For proof you need look no further than the Brand Keys 201 Customer Loyalty Leaders List.  Three years ago Hyundai brought up the rear, coming in at 295th place.  In 2010, however, Hyundai soared to 6th out of 501 brands in 70 categories (and the highest ranking of the only two car brands to break into the top 50)!

Way to break a losing streak!  Maybe that’s where the marketing department got its inspiration for this year’s ad campaign advising drivers to “Snap out of it!”