Just One More Reason to Love Hyundai

If you’ve checked out our Accolades page you know there’s a plethora of reasons to buy a Hyundai.

But there’s another incentive that doesn’t fall under “Accolades”, at least not as they pertain to automotive performance or safety. Instead, the applause goes to Hyundai Motor America for its involvement in the quest to cure pediatric cancer.

The company and Hyundai dealers around the country joined the cause in 1998. Nine years later, Hyundai established the Hope on Wheels foundation to provide grants to companies researching a cure.

And now, Hyundai Motor America donates a percentage of the proceeds from *every vehicle sold in the U.S.* to Hope on Wheels. So, if you need another reason to fall in love with a Hyundai vehicle, just look to the company-with-a-heart that made it.

For more information: http://www.hyundaihopeonwheels.org/