Hyundai’s 2012 Super Bowl Ads

Okay, football fans, the Super Bowl’s just two months away! And when the teams take the field on February 5, 2012, players, coaches and their faithful followers won’t be the only ones ready for a head to head competition. Hyundai’s in pre-game mode, as well. As one of the advertisers set to command attention before and during the big game, the Korean automaker’s preparing five television commercials, including a 60-second spot to run immediately preceeding kickoff, two ads for the pregame show and another two during the game. No word yet on which direction the ads will go but, if they’re anything like Hyundai’s previous Super Bowl showings, each and every one will be a touchdown!

Here are some of our favorite Hyundai commercials from Super Bowls past:

2011 Progress:

2011 Cramped:

2010 Brett Favre:

2010 Paint:

2009 “Hyundai, like Sunday”:

2009 Epic Lap: