Hyundai’s “Driveway Decision Maker” Lets You Test Drive an Elantra from Home

2013 Hyundai Elantra GT

It’s not a requirement but,  it would be nice if that new vehicle you’re considering buying would look great in your driveway, wouldn’t it?  Dealers will often let you take an overnight test drive to determine whether you like the ride, the way it drives, the way it feels, and yes, the way it looks in front of your home.

Now, Hyundai Motor America is making it even easier to picture that new car in your life.  Last month the company launched its “Driveway Decision Maker”, an innovative on-line tool that allows you to customize a Hyundai Elantra GT, Coupe or Sedan to fit your needs, and then virtually “park” it in your driveway.  You can even parallel park if you want!  Go to, style the car of your choice, enter a desired address and then, thanks to Google Street View, experience what it would be like to have that car in your world.  You can then download the image, save it, and share it through Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.  If it’s true that the first step to getting what you want is being able to “see” it, could be the key to putting you in the Elantra you’ve always wanted!