Meet Mark Zinn, Butler Hyundai Sales Manager

As of October 2012 Butler Hyundai has a new Sales Manager.  Meet Mark Zinn!  Mark’s traveled a lot of roads… as is fitting for someone who’s been in the automotive industry nearly 30 years!  His journey started in Augusta, Kansas, a tiny town boasting brick streets, one high school, and a single stoplight.  At the age of 19 Mark decided he needed more  than Augusta could offer, so he ventured all the way to Seattle where he scored  a draftsman job at Boeing.  As “an artist  at heart”, Mark says he’s always loved architecture.  (To this day he still sketches, and builds  and paints remote-controlled cars to indulge his creative side.)

From there, destiny  steered Mark into the Marines, then back to Kansas where he compared his  exhausting work at an oil refinery with his brother’s gig selling cars.  The decision to move into car sales was easy.  “I bought a tie,” he says.  That was 1982.  Since then, he’s lived in Santa Cruz, CA; Eugene  (where he met his wife, Kathryn, while shooting pool); Las Vegas, NV; San Jose,  CA; and Andover, Kansas… at least until an F5 tornado tore through.  The disaster was enough to drive Mark and his  family back to California, and eventually to Southern Oregon, where, he  realized, he belonged. “It had everything I liked about everywhere I’d ever  been,” he says.

When he’s not working the Acura showroom, Mark’s spending  time with Kathryn, their two daughters, and five grandkids… or golfing  “constantly.  If there’s daylight between getting off work and bedtime, I’m on the course.”  He’s easily recognizable, too… just look for  the Miami Dolphins golf cart.  Mark’s a  huge fan… At one point he had a collection of of 1600 ball caps… nearly 300 of ‘em sporting  the Dolphins logo.