Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Hyundai

We love new Hyundais!  And not just for the new car smell.  Today’s vehicles are fuel efficient, pleasing to the eye, and a pleasure to drive.  But the same technology that makes owning a new Hyundai so much fun can be a beast to get familiar with.  So can establishing new maintenance schedules, and learning the best way to care for your vehicle.  That’s why it’s so handy that you can find information about all of the above and more at https://www.hyundaiusa.com/myHyundai!  You’ll find owner’s manuals, video tutorials, warranty and trade-in information, service schedules and alerts, special offers and promotions, and even a loan repayment calculator!  The site even allows you to troubleshoot common issues and store your service records.  And if you’ve yet to buy a Hyundai, this is the place to do – and save – your research.  Talk about one-stop shopping!