Hyundai to Advertise Heavily During 2013 Super Bowl

We know, a handful of football fans do still watch the Super Bowl for the game.  The rest of us tune in solely so as to be able to participate in conversation at work the next day regarding the onslaught of slick, witty, overproduced commercials aired during the premiere television event of the year.  The ads aren’t quite the mystery they used to be, however, with many advertisers revealing their plans, if not the ads themselves, before the big day.  So far, we know Hyundai will feature prominently during this year’s Super Bowl commercial breaks.  A recent press release says the Korean auto maker’s reserved five slots during which it intends to air one already released ad (“Don’t Tell”, above) as well as four new ones.  The statement goes on to say, “The creative for this year’s Super Bowl is the most innovative work we have created for Hyundai to date.”  The ads, which will include the “Don’t Tell” spot above, will highlight the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe, Genesis R-Spec, and Sonata Turbo.  We’re looking forward to February 3rd!

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