Hyundai’s New Technology & Concept Vehicles “Wow” the Chicago Auto Show

Hyundai unveiled a variety of inventive technologies during the Chicago Auto Show this week. Their revolutionary Santa detroit2015-hyundaisantacruz-58Cruz Crossover Truck Concept was on site for a second appearance, after the big reveal during the North American
Auto Show in January. Hyundai says this fresh concept appeals to Millennials, whose needs range from expandable utility throughout an active week, from work-life professionalism, to social interests, to a whole variety of outdoor pursuits. This vehicle shatters convention and offers an extension of personality not offered by any other vehicle on the market.

Another new addition to the Hyundai family presented in Chicago was the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. So, what exactly IS a fuel cell vehicle? Here’s how Hyundai explains it: “Hyundai’s fuel cell technology effectively replaces the battery pack used in an electric vehicle by generating FuelCellelectricity from hydrogen. This is done through an electrochemical process that does not involve hydrogen combustion, with no moving parts within the fuel cell stack. It alleviates the limitations of traditional battery electric vehicles and maintains the day-to-day flexibility of the gasoline-powered Tucson. Drivers are able to immediately enjoy the next generation of electric vehicles without range, recharge-time or utility compromises.” WOW this is exciting!

Currently only available for lease in Southern California, but we are expecting shipments to arrive in soon in Southern Oregon! We’ll keep you posted when these groundbreaking new vehicles hit the showroom floor!