September Open House One for the Ages

coopandcustWe recently held our September Hyundai Open House and Owner’s Clinic, and once again it was simply amazing! Many of our wonderful customers attended, which meant there was no shortage of engaging dinner conversation, and more than a few great questions for our technicians.

jonhelpingPart of what makes our Open Houses so special is how rare it is for our technicians to be available to connect with the people that buy vehicles. This is a rare occasion at any dealership. These hard working and highly qualified people spend all of their time in vehicle maintenance areas working on customer’s vehicles. Their average day revolves around a constant stream of repairs and procedures, and the only time they typically spend away from their work is during their lunch break. But during Open House, our techs become teachers, a role in which they excel. At an Owner’s Clinic our technicians answer questions ranging from the proper techniques used for towing a trailer to the advantages of Android Auto.

mattwithWhen customers purchase a vehicle from us, they establish a real relationship with the product specialist they work with; after all, when purchasing a new car customers will spend a good deal of time in conversation with their product specialist. The Open Houses provide the opportunity for employees from every department of our company to get to know the people who drive our cars and we heard stories and make acquaintances that will stay with us for years to come.

One customer described his first road-trip in his new Elantra, which took him to British Columbia, Alaska, and back. Another customer told us about his great-grandfather, a deputy sheriff in Texas, who found himself in a deadly duel with his boss and opponent in a local election, the sheriff. And we met several people who told us they had only dreamed of driving a new car off the showroom floor, but saw that dream become a reality at Butler Hyundai.

stevewithcustWe do everything we can to make the car buying process as pleasant as possible, but purchasing a vehicle involves financial planning, paperwork, and big decisions– activities that many people find a bit stressful. Our Open House – Owner Clinics, are designed specifically to be sales and stress-free events, allows us and our customers to “let our hair down” and truly get to know each other.