February Open House – Fun for the Whole Family!

steveopenhouseAlong with chilly weather, February brings its fair share of lighthearted holidays. From a day dedicated to the prognostications of a ground-dwelling rodent to the annual celebration of love and romance, the second month of the year is no slouch at providing excuses to celebrate. Yet at Butler Hyundai, our favorite February holiday is Hyundai Open House!

Our Open Houses are near and dear to our hearts because they represent the ideal goal of our company: to make lasting relationships with our customers and ensure that they are happy with their vehicles. Life at a car dealership can be pretty hectic, so we cherish the opportunity to spend an afternoon with our customers completely removed from the world of sales and service.

Free food and prizes are not the only perks our customers can expect at an Open House: our service department contains some of the brightest, most helpful automotive professionals in the business. Open Houses provide a rare opportunity for our entire service department to take a break from working on cars to help customers understand how their cars work.

Whether you bought a car from us since our last Open House or we’ve known you for years, we love seeing you at Butler Hyundai Open Houses. We hope to see you at the next one!