CarMD Annual Report: Hyundais Have the Fewest Repairs in the Industry

hyundai_logo_2-scaled1000.jpgWhen Hyundai outpaced almost every carmaker in J.D. Power’s annual Initial Quality Study, we weren’t surprised. When a vehicle comes into our service department, it’s usually for routine maintenance: oil changes, tire rotations, 10,000 mile service. So when CarMD came out with a report to find the brand of car that visits the repair shop the least and has the lowest average price for repairs, we weren’t surprised to find out that Hyundai had the best combined score in the entire industry.

CarMD’s annual report takes a number of factors into account and is drawn from repairs on over 251,000 vehicles. This year’s study found that Hyundais need to be repaired less frequently than any other cars on the road, although as CarMD CEO Ioen Chen reminds us, even the most reliable vehicle needs some occasional TLC. “Car maintenance and repairs are a fact of life,” Chen said, “but this data can be used in tandem with other tools and information to help car shoppers make informed decisions.”

Hyundai also finished near the top of the heap in the quest for the least expensive average repair cost. CarMD found that it costs an average of $316 to repair a Hyundai, as opposed to $412 to repair a Toyota and $409 to repair a Honda.

Bringing your daily driver into the shop isn’t fun. If you asked people what they like about owning a car, “driving it” would probably be pretty high on the list, and “paying to not drive it” would likely rank near the bottom. At Butler Hyundai, we’re proud to know that the vehicles we sell and service spend more time on the road between check-ups than any other cars on the road. Throw in the best warranty in the business, and it’s no wonder you see more Hyundais on the road than ever before.