Customer Loyalty – Hyundai’s Passion (and Ours Too!)

06.jpgDifferent carmakers have different goals. Companies like Ford and Chevy design cars for a wide range of customers, from first-time car owners to corporate executives. Luxury brands like Acura emphasize comfort and performance, and companies like Subaru put an emphasis on designing vehicles for lovers of the outdoors.

Yet no matter what a company’s target demographic is, they all aim for the same goal: customer loyalty. And once again, no company in the automotive industry has more loyal customers than Hyundai.

Brand Keys’ Customer Loyalty Index, which examines 635 brands in 75 different categories, has placed Hyundai at the top of the customer loyalty heap for the seventh year in a row. A certain amount of credit goes to Hyundai, for listening to their customers through thick and thin, and for dedicating themselves to consistently improving their brand and their vehicles every year.

But at Butler Hyundai, we heap the bulk of the credit for this achievement at the feet of our customers. As Robert Passikoff, the founder and president of Brand Keys, said in a recent statement, “When you’re a brand that can build that kind of emotional engagement, and a company that can build cars that meet high expectations, you can count on customers being your friends for a long, long time. We congratulate Hyundai for the great job they’ve done and will undoubtedly continue to do.”

It is our customers’ willingness to maintain their relationship with us and our vehicles that allows Hyundai to continue making customer loyalty history. We’re excited for another year serving the best customers in the business, and hope to celebrate an eighth straight year at the top next March!