Hyundai’s Ioniq Will Give the Prius a Run for the Money

pnnnghghgFor all the negative talk it gets among car enthusiasts, the Prius holds a special place in automotive history. The Prius was the first hybrid most people ever saw, and even though most carmakers have thrown their hat in the hybrid arena by now, the Prius is still the car to contend with in that segment.

At least, it is for now. Of all the cars to be dubbed “Prius fighters,” Hyundai’s all-new Ioniq looks poised to be the first-ever “Prius vanquisher.”

While Hyundai’s only other hybrid, the Sonata Hybrid, was based on an existing vehicle, the Ioniq was designed from the ground up to be a hybrid. In fact, the Ioniq is about to make history as the first car to be offered as a hybrid, an electric car, and a plug-in hybrid.

The Ioniq has what it takes to provide world-class fuel economy, but it really shines in its design. Hybrids like the Prius or the Chevy Volt look squat and stumpy for a reason: they are very, very aerodynamic. The Ioniq, which looked a little awkward in concept photos, looks better than any vehicle in its segment.

Between its design, its efficiency, and its three drivetrains, the Ioniq is in a good position to give the hybrid segment a run for its money when it sees its release this fall. Consider us excited, and we’ll follow up when more information emerges!