Welcome to the Family, Genesis!


If you’re anything like us, you watched a lot of football last weekend. And maybe a little golf. And a touch of hockey. Anyway, if you watched football this weekend, chances are good you saw more than a couple advertisements for the official luxury vehicle of the NFL: the Genesis.

So what gives with ads for a car brand you aren’t familiar with?

In short: Hyundai’s most luxurious and technologically advanced vehicle was so luxurious and technologically advanced that it spawned its own line of vehicles. Genesis is to Hyundai as Lexus is to Toyota or, perhaps more accurately, Audi is to Volkswagen. It shares a design language and engineering philosophy with its less-luxurious sibling, but separates itself from the pack through performance, features, and refinement.

Take, for example, the Genesis G90. Its power, speed, and equipment put it in direct competition with the Audi A8 L and BMW 7-series. How can a car from a largely unheard-of company hope to contend with high-end stalwarts like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes? To start with, by providing a very capable contender that costs around $10,000 less.

Rear-wheel drive. A 420-horsepower V8. 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Yet despite performance that will make your head spin, we can’t help but point out one of our favorite features: this car, competing in a segment full of car’s whose prices can increase by tens of thousands of dollars after options, has almost no options available. The things you would want in a vehicle come in it standard. Adaptive cruise control, 12.3 inch touchscreen, heads-up display, heated seats in the front and read – the only thing you really have to choose to pay extra for are the larger engine and all-wheel drive.

All in all, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Genesis take the world by storm, and soon. The G90 and G80 are less expensive, more feature-packed, and, depending who you ask, more elegantly styled than their competition. The folks who would rather buy the most prestigious badge than the best car were never Genesis’ target market, and with luxury at a premium, it’s hard to see people sleeping on the newest name in automotive excellence for long.