Drumroll, Please: New Hyundai Ioniq Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Are Here!

Great things seem to have a way of keeping you waiting. We’ve been all-in on the Ioniq (I-on-ick), Hyundai’s 3-platform hybrid/electric/plug-in hybrid trailblazer, since it was first announced in January 2016, and after over a year of anticipation, we’re on the cusp of driving one for the first time.

So what’s the big deal about the Ioniq? For one thing, it’s a true industry first: no car has ever been designed to be offered as a hybrid, electric, and plug-in hybrid, but for our money, the Ioniq is so exciting because each of the two versions available at launch (hybrid and electric) have distinct advantages over the big dogs in their respective segments.

Hyundai Ioniq EV:

The Ioniq EV is Hyundai’s first-ever fully-electric vehicle, and what a way to make a first impression. With 124 miles of range, the Ioniq has the juice to cover the average American’s daily driving (between 30 and 40 miles, depending on the study you go with) even accounting for the temperature changes and air-conditioning use that drain electric batteries. The new Chevy Bolt has almost twice the range of the Ioniq, but costs thousands of dollars more and isn’t (to our eyes, at least,) nearly as handsome. With a federal tax credit for driving an electric vehicle, the Ioniq EV will be one of the least-expensive cars in Hyundai’s lineup despite not requiring gas and being packed with safety features and advanced technology.

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid:

Very few cars have dominated a segment for as long as the Toyota Prius has dominated the hybrid market, but that may be about to change. While the new Prius is, from every conceivable angle, a loud, unusual looking car, the Ioniq is positively stately. Hyundai’s first dedicated-hybrid seems proof positive that you can design a hybrid sedan to have a slender drag coefficient without making it “look like a hybrid.” Getting an average of 58 MPG combined, it will be hard for people who prioritize good gas mileage to pass on the Ioniq.

While the news coming in from reviewers and journalists is overwhelmingly positive, we can’t wait to drive one for ourselves! We’ll be sure to fill you in when we do.