Hyundai Teams Up With Glamour Magazine

Hyundai’s gone Hollywood!  The auto manufacturer’s teamed up with Glamour Magazine to present a series of short films.  Each film starts with a true story presented by a Glamour reader. 

Those stories are then brought to life at the directorial direction of such well-known actresses as Eva Mendez, Jessica Biel and Rachel Weisz.  Top quality talents star in the films, as well.  Keep eyes and ears out for Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci… and that’s just in this year’s entries! 

To view the whole series, visit

Hyundai: No Exceptions = No Asterisks

It may be sound silly but, Hyundai’s new ad campaign does have a certain charm.  The premise is that “perfectly good asterisks” are being “wasted” on dealership window stickers around the world.  You and I both know what those asterisks mean… that whatever’s written on that sticker doesn’t necessarily apply to that particular vehicle.   In this case, we’re talking about fuel economy. 

But Hyundai’s “saving” the asterisks by guaranteeing that every version of the 2011 Elantra will rack up 40 mpg.  No exceptions = No asterisks. 

Okay, so the slogan’s ludicrous but, it’s kinda snazzy how Hyundai’s taken truth in advertising and turned it upside down to highlight… truth in advertising.   I, for one, will play along and thank Hyundai since I could use a few more asterisks when it comes to statements about, oh, say, my age, or maybe, my weight. 

But, no matter what you think of the campaign, you have to admit, there’s nothing silly about 40 mpg.