2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Reviews

The Hyundai Veloster is back and better than ever!  The 2013 3-door hatchback is being offered in Turbo with just enough styling tweaks to keep it edgy without going over the edge.  We could tell you how we feel about it but maybe it’s better to let others do the talking.  Here are snippets of a handful of reviews with links to the full articles.  Read, enjoy, formulate your own opinion, and then come drive a 2013 Veloster at Butler Hyundai to see if you’re right!

  •  “The 2013 Veloster Turbo is the hatchback that Americans have been (or should have been) waiting for.”
    ~ AutoBlog
  • “Restraint is a noble thing, and Hyundai sets an excellent example with the 2013 Veloster Turbo. The 201-hp version of this half-coupe/half-sedan/half-hatchback is everything it could be without becoming things it shouldn’t be, including expensive.”
    ~ Car and Driver
  • “Add $4500 to the base Veloster and you get the turbo. Not a tough decision to make when buying this hot hatch.”
    ~ Road and Track
  •  The 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo can be considered one of the hottest new hatchbacks on the market. Not only does the Veloster Turbo have over 200 horsepower, but this car can get up to 38 MPG on the highway. The 2013 Veloster Turbo looks great and comes packed with tons of standard features.”
    ~ Autobytel